To reserve your hotel room, ensure that you follow the steps outlined until confirmation. First you must select the date that you intend to stay with us. Take note that a full day of stay in our hotel starts from 3.00pm which is the Check-In time of the date until 12.00pm the following day. This means that if you are  booking for 3 August 2011, your stay in our hotel will start from 3.00pm on 3 August 2011 until 12.00pm of 4 August 2011. If you choose to stay for 3  days, you will start at 3.00pm on 3 August 2011 until 12.00pm until 12.00pm on 6 August 2011.
After selecting the date, you will then have to select the number of adults and children staying. As there are a maximum number of guests allowed in each type of room so you must ensure that you have provided the accurate information. The legal age for children is from 2 years old to 12 years old with which guests above 12 years of age are regarded as ‘Adult’. Guests below 2 years of age are not applicable as children.
After selecting the date and the number of guests, then you can proceed to choose the type of rooms you like to stay in. The default room type is the SUPERIOR while you can also choose to have bigger rooms or those with additional facilities. Each room type will come with different rates and pricing so you must ensure that you have selected the correct type you are looking for. If you need to have special or additional requirements like additional pillows or extra bed, arrangements can be made during Check-In or you can also send us an email pertaining to your request.
After you complete the previous steps, you will then be directed to the payment stage. The total amount payable will be notified to you and you will then need to provide details of your Credit Card in order for payment to be successful. We accept VISA and Mastercard from most major banks. In order for your reservation to be confirmed, the full payment must be completed where a confirmation number will be displayed. This information will also be sent to you via email.